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Coffyn Pyes

Coffyn Pyes was born in January 2020 with the purpose of offering savory, wholesome and authentic hand pies with unique flavors to Atlanta area festival-goers. When Covid-19 effectively canceled the festival season and the public debut of Coffyn Pyes, owners decided to sell their pyes directly to their neighbors in Grant Park, Ormewood Park and the surrounding Atlanta neighborhoods.

With a passion for home-cooking, the owners created Coffyn Pyes to share with you the Southern, Cajun, Indian and Thai flavors that they grew up with and love.

So why "Coffyn Pyes"? In 12th century England, food was often preserved and stored in pastry shells, called "coffyns". The English loved these pastry cases so much that they developed the saying, "If it's good, tis better in a Coffyn"!

We take pride in creating a delicious modern day "Coffyn" pye and hope that you enjoy them with your family and friends, or all by yourself!


Phone Number: (678) 488-9564


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