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We are very excited to welcome back our partnership with Intellitix! Intellitix is an app that allows A Taste of Chamblee attendees to use secure QR codes to pay for Taste food and drink "Bytes." Attendees interested in using this method to pay will need to download the app prior to attending A Taste of Chamblee, create an account, and connect a credit or debit card to their account. People who want to attend A Taste of Chamblee but are not interested in purchasing any food or beverages do NOT need to download the app. Other forms of cashless payments such as credit and debit cards and Apple or Google Pay will also be accepted.

"Is the app secure?" - Great question! Be sure to visit THIS link for more information regarding security within the Crowdblink app. 

Questions? Crowdblink has some great resources regarding both how to use the app and cashless payments

Download the app below via the App Store or Google Play:

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play


  • Terms and Conditions Policy: The City of Chamblee is working with Intellitix for this event; however, the City of CHamblee is the processing entity in this case. 100% of all sales will go to the vendors at the event. Payments will happen instantly, but vendors will not receive payment until after A Taste of Chamblee concludes in the following weeks either via check or ACH. Attendees will receive the product immediately and will see the payment come out of their banking account immediately. Third-party vendors are selling a multitude of  food and beverage products.  Vendors have entered into an agreement with the City of Chamblee when signing up on the Eventeny page Application regarding specific Terms & Conditions to them. The City of Chamblee  is the relevant governing law.

  • Privacy Policy: The City of Chamblee is responsible for the processing of payment data and the quality of the offered good/service, this would be City of Chamblee No data is being stored by the City of Chamblee if you sign up to use the app, nor by the vendors. The Intellitix system refreshes eso that no data is being stored. No data is being shared with third parties. This website uses cookies.

  • Cancellation/refund/returns policy: There will be no cancellations or returns for this event. If an attendee is accidentally charged multiple times for the same product by a food/beverage vendor, please visit the City of Chamblee booth for us to get your information to assist with processing your refund. Refunds for goods bought from a craft vendor will need to be discussed with that vendor.

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