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Bloom Flavours is a dedicated memory of pure happiness and joy throughout my Childhood in Memphis, TN. The notorious melody that echoed across playgrounds and neighborhoods during the summer months, brings back many nostalgic heartfelt memories.


What a sweet sound to hear on a sunny day! "The Ice Cream Man is coming.” My guilty satisfying favorites were and still are; the bomb pops, push “ups” pops, ice cream sandwiches and flavored “watermelon” popsicles. 


That feeling of happiness is what I hope for everyone while enjoying our Gourmet, Refined, Ultra-Premium Italian Ice. 


We believe the experience of taste is best savored with guilt-free, quality ingredients for all ages and dietary preferences. We offer a variety of Gluten-Free, Vegan, Nut- Free, Dairy-Free flavours. Our cups and spoons are biodegradable from compost. 


Bloom Flavours is a Cold Treats Elevated Experience. We are more than just a scoops of Italian Ice. We speak the language of beauty and unmatched savory flavours. 

“My hope is to inspire and hopefully encourage everyone to find their own version of Joy and Gratitude everyday in the Sweet Things.” ~Michelle 


Phone Number: (404) 793-3400

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