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Beik'd is a retail baked goods distributor based in Atlanta, specializing in Filipino desserts. We take pride in offering a wide selection of delectable treats inspired by traditional Filipino recipes. I am a passionate baker reinventing classic recipes, infusing them with modern twists and flavors, while staying true to the essence of Filipino culinary heritage. From mouthwatering cakes like Sansrival and Brazo de Mercedes to indulgent treats flavored in distinct taste of ube and pandan, Beik'd brings the authentic flavors of the Philippines to the local community with a commitment to quality ingredients, meticulous craftsmanship, and the joy of sharing delicious treats. In addition to our delightful selection of traditional Filipino desserts, Beik'd proudly offers a range of non-traditional treats, including the popular Burnt Basque cheesecake, which traces its origins to Basque, Spain.

At Beik'd, we have reinvented this delectable dessert by introducing enticing flavors like blue matcha, ube, and green matcha, adding a unique twist to this classic favorite. Furthermore, we cater to diverse dietary preferences by providing gluten-free cakes and vegan cakes, ensuring that everyone can indulge in our scrumptious creations. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and inclusivity allows us to satisfy a wide range of taste preferences while delivering exceptional desserts to our valued customers.


Phone Number: (678) 523-0989


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